The passion, that leads us to make this work, would like to give people tools of awareness that accompany the prevention and maintenance of a good health at every level, through programs “tailor made” that allow us to know “how we work" and how to act instead of react.


They can be tailored according to your skin type and any imperfection that occurs. The techniques are manual and apply only natural and organic products really quick and effective: traditional deep cleansing or sweeter cleansing with detoxing products and masks, treatment for rosacea and sensitive skin, treatment for impure skin and acne, anti-wrinkle treatment, treatment for hydration and nutrition, toning and firming treatment, and the colour mask that makes a stimulation of the facial points with the Chromo-puncture.


This treatment is like a true "holiday”... From a relaxing footbath, you switch to gentle touches on the legs and feet, arms and hands, and head, as preparation for the real intensive treatment to the face, which provides steps to cleanse, moisturize, nourish and strengthen the skin. Upon completion, it comes the lymphatic stimulation made through rhythmic touches of hands and of two soft brushes, giving a harmonizing and decongestant boost. The result of a treatment addressed to the holistic balance of the person is relaxation and lightness to the body, brightness and vitality to the skin. In our beauty farm we offer this in the classic version with the treatment of two hours and one called "1 hour of time for me," dedicated to harmonizing the rhythms and physiological processes of every skin condition.


Reflexology is a special massage of Chinese origin that we apply very well to feet. It is a natural method that helps you stay healthy. The feet are the "reflex points" of the entire body, and they speak to us through their shape, color, cracks, calluses or corns, etc... Actually, stimulation of the reflex points is able to act on the internal organs re-establishing the balance.


Metamorphic technique focuses on the nine months of gestation. Metamorphic means transformation. The practitioner works with a gentle touch on the spinal reflex on the foot, where it flows "the primary vital essence" of the prenatal period. This work of transformation is accomplished by the power of the Vital Force, because it is just the Vital Force that is at liberty to do what is needed, allowing our schemes to change, beginning to move “from what is to what can be”. Life is the power that heals.


The toning treatment is suitable for those who would like to firm their body skin, to give to their body the right suppleness, but also find more energetic tone. Taking care of the skin tone prevents relaxation of tissues.


The slimming-shaping treatment is recommended for those who want to take care of their body shape with natural techniques and why not to discover which are the possible reasons that create discomfort. Then consequently we advise you on lifestyle, including food, as the case.


It is a massage technique of oriental medicine that has ancient roots and from Japan has spread around the world. It is a treatment to restore balance of the body's energy flow through pressure with thumbs, fingers and palms of the hands. Movements on the "meridians" that can be “blocked” free the energy flow, and to restore the balance is the main purpose of shiatsu.


In our beauty centre, we offer opportunities to experience it, learning how to use the oils in various ways.
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which are the vital force concentrated of a flower or of a plant part containing these molecules volatile and odorous. The three great ways to use essential oils are:
1) By breathing: through inhalations or essential oil diffusers to promote relax, the purification of the environment and to free the breathing (ambient aromatherapy)
2) The skin absorption: it is the privileged way because the skin is the largest organ of the body: in local anointing, through a massage or in the water of the bathtub or of the hydromassage. The oils are so compatible that penetrate deeply bringing their messages
3) The oral way: a proper dose, only for special situations and on medical advice
The effect of aromatherapy is an olfactory caress for the soul. A "recovered" olfaction brings great benefit to our "perceiving". Like the sounds, even scents / flavors have vibrations that stimulate different "subtle notes" within ourselves: are archetypes of a language that speaks to our unconscious. Getting lost in the fragrances is the happiness that can also pass through the nose.


The poultices can be draining - detoxifying, recommended for cellulite and water retention, or regenerating, for those who have lost tone and would like to find a more compact skin. These are applications of mud or algae, enriched with essential oils; when they are combined with clay it can be made a compress with purpose anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


The positive effects of the water element and its movement that stimulates the body can lead to a very good result into the circulation. In our centre there is an individual bathtub, in order to benefit a better relaxation. We can also differentiate and customize the session with the use of relaxing biological essential oils, or purifying and draining essential oils according to your needs.


Since immemorial time the mineral kingdom offers itself to man, and from ancient times the crystals and stones have been used for healing treatments. The crystals are catalysts, they purify and transform there where is a need. The treatment consists in the harmonization of the chakras through the use of crystals, selecting the most suitable for you.


The steam of the bed Hammam stimulates the expulsion of slags and toxins. Causing sweating creates more blood flow, more oxygen and cell regeneration. For lovers of tradition we also have the classic Finnish dry sauna.


Taking a cue from the rhythmic therapeutic rub, Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka have adapted this treatment for the beauticians. This treatment comes from Steiner's anthroposophy. The quality of the touch is light and delicate: careful hands that seem to breathe bring warmth and harmony. The "rhythm" is the life of this treatment, it is like a space that opens a break for freedom, so you can fit more easily in connection with yourselves. Hands speak and listen, and in this immersion, you can feel deep relaxation; the forces of life are then refreshed, strengthened and regenerated. You can perceive a feeling of light and lightness that retrieves order and balance. The result is also a more subtle awareness thanks to the fact of being present in the body that is invited to find its natural rhythm at all levels.

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